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Consorzio Ospitalità Diffusa Valli del Beigua

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31 March 2019 10:00 -16:30

L'attività rientra nel progetto sperimentale "I sentieri del lupo in Alta Val d'Orba" in collaborazione con l'Ente Parco del Beigua, in applicazione dei protocolli di monitoraggio sul Lupo sperimentati con il Progetto Corem".


Beigua Regional Natural Park

Beigua nella stagione invernale

Living the sensation of a walk along the Scottish Highlands... with Corsica and the Alps from side to side, just one step away from you; to be surrounded by the...

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Alta Valle dell'Orba

Alta Valle dell'Orba - abbey

At the Ancient times known as the Forest of the Lombards kings, since their hunting ground, the Alta Valle dell'Orba is characterized by the namesake creek that runs through, from...

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West Riviera

West Riviera - windmill

The Riviera di Ponente, known since Roman times for its beautiful coves with the name of Costa balenae, is a treasure trove of beauty and historical and natural heritages appreciated...

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Pelagos International Sanctuary

Alta Valle dell'Orba - abazia

Established in 2001, the International Cetacean Sanctuary is dedicated to the study and protection of the cetacean species that live all year in the waters of the Ligurian Sea.

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